I. The Need

Countries throughout the world have institutions that serve as focal points for the preservation of national cultural traditions and the promotion of new artistic achievements. They often provide access to the arts by broad sectors of the population that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience them, and they foster creative contributions by local artists that have not yet achieved wide acclaim. Our country does not yet have such an institution, and our goal is to establish one in the form of a Center for Salvadoran Arts and Letters.

    II. Who We Are

The League of Salvadoran Artists and Writers, UNARTES, is an independent, inclusive, and democratically governed association of writers and other artists dedicated to creative excellence, advancement of our national culture, and mutual suport in overcoming the many obstacles and burdens experienced by independent artists in a poor country. After a period of informal operation, we were incorporated in January, 1999, and since then we have been recognized by the National Council of Art and Culture (CONCULTURA) and internationally by UNESCO. Our membership currently includes approximately 100 novelists, poets, essayists, painters, sculptors, musicians, actors and other artists throughout the country.

    III.The Project

Building on its initial growth, UNARTES is promoting the establishment of a venue for bringing together programs in support of the arts and literature as elements of our nationís cultural life. La Casa Del Artista y del Escritor, as it will be called, will serve a variety of purposes. Our vision is of a building that in addition to housing the headquarters of UNARTES, will contain an auditorium for musical and theatrical productions, galleries to display works of art, rooms for conferences, master classes and other group instruction, studios for individual projects, a cafeteria, and living space for visiting and homeless artists. In addition to classes, in subjects like traditional crafts and local music, the Center will host conferences and workshops as a way of offsetting the cost of owning and maintaining the facility.

    IV. The Plan

UNARTES is exploring designs for a building and at the same time has embarked on a campaign of fundraising to support construction. We anticipate establishing an independent foundation for this purpose, and we are discussing possible financing from selected prospective donors. If you are interested in contributing either money or effort to our cause, please contact:
Enrique Castro:

Kindly translated by Brad Hollomon.



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