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Presentation by Joan Lluis Montane



Unity in diversity

The multidiscipline art exhibition we contemplate these days at Casa do Brazil of Madrid groups artists from different countries and continents. In this sense I would like to comment that everything began when I connected with Alberto Cerritos through Internet.
Sometimes a person is known with no need to be seen but to be understood with his being. Because it is more important to be than to do, because when being one does and the other way around is very difficult. And more than complex, it is worrisome, since if we do and we can not be, we run the risk of not being, but doing being machines instead of people. In the western world the present overproduction takes us towards the way of doing, but it is necessary to return to be animistic, to become one with nature, to dive in the heart of the universe of our own Pleiades, the substantive power resources that arise from our inner self.

There is a world of forms, and technology but the truth of everything lies not in the form but at its heart. If we sacrifice the interior we will live at corporal level and Biology will seize us, we will become truly mortal. We are at moments of constant illumination, in which sooner than later we will know the scientific existence of the soul. Therefore we must keep vigilant, to be coherent looking for balance, without letting us to be taken by market laws, which are limited.

Returning to our relation between Alberto, Canadian and Salvadoran, and myself Catalan and Spanish, resident in Madrid, citizen of the world and of my own interior, our personal implication began when connecting through our writings, as well our crossing opinions of very diverse sign. I have to say it has been a fruitful relation in all the senses, since we have deepened both the artistic and the human scope. In a situation like the present one, in which diverse changes at all levels come together, it is fundamental that people of diverse continents speak the same language in the being before that in the doing. After Alberto’s trip to China, we developed the idea of a Group exhibition in Spain, proposal that I did to him following the Era of Aquarius of universal spiritual change.

The artists who are present in this art show, multidiscipline creators, sculptors, well rounded artists, and most of them creators of net. art, digital art, painters, muralists, writers and poets, as well art teachers. A set of creators absolutely original, who come together from expressionist positions, including Dimensionalismo, Global Eco Art, Cyber Art, Complex Art and the new theories sustained by Alberto Cerritos based on the surreal dynamics of the subconscious mind and its context in a world of cyber-machines, dominions dot com, electronic art as well the renovation of spiritual energies. In this case Francisca Blázquez with her Dimensionalismo dives and takes us back to our necessity to be, in such a way, that we have to return to the interior of our heart, mind and soul, to connect with The Seven Rays of our universe. Also we will contemplate realistic proposals, framed within a contemporary context, in addition to abstract, conceptual and material discourses.

Unit in diversity, within a free artistic conception, in which singularity predominates, marginal to the dictations of the market, even though its art works are sold in it. There are many worlds but they are inside us, because everything that exists is the product of our inner soul. Consequently, light floods us all with its force, illuminating us in different ways.
We are different mirrors reflecting the same truth, saying it in different forms.

Joan Lluís Montané
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos.

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