Group 21 Plus
Introduction by Alberto Cerritos



In the World of Singularity.

According to the heuristics of fiction it is necessary to travel to mysterious places to stimulate the creativity and the spirit of peace and brotherhood between people.
Artists of 25 countries met to discuss, to walk, to taste and to practice some of the regions of game of similar rites. They traveled to Changchun capital of the old empire of Manchuria in the Northeast of the People's Republic of China. There they completed the epistemology of redundancy and provocation, the multi-polarity of the object and the strategies of the obsolete. We must say that even when old formulas as well techniques of recent visual discourses were repeated in a somewhat furious and virulent creative act, all the beautiful sculptures were carefully located on the peculiar topography of a beautiful and hypnotic amphitheatre called the International Park of Sculpture of Changchun.

After the infinite entertainments, exquisite feasts, strolls by dream geographies and massive protocol acts, for which the brothers and sisters of the Great Republic are well known, the artists reunited there agreed to meet in different countries and regions of the world, whereas time and place allowed them, in order to have fun playing global adventures of diversity. Then someone came with the idea to travel to Madrid, old city epicenter of a region that invented the battered abundance of a language spoken by more than 500 million souls. There reunited again in the neighborhoods of a world called Complutense, in the facilities and programs of the Casa Do Brazil, they would summon to the Thousands Spirits of their different nations to speak of the brotherhood between people, the routes for Peace opened from the object of art, the happy proclamations of the poly-grams of the subject, the stupidities of the politics of symbol, the Populism of tears, the possibilities of enchantment, the emergencies of the creative spirit and the extraordinary idiosyncrasies of the speech of the obsolete thing.

With that objective in mind they invited an eminent art critic, fervent believer of the democracy of the possible thing in the sunny bonds formed by the imaginary, artists of iron will and masters of generosity and the pacific ones. Joan Lluis Montané, born on the mountains of the surreal of the Catalan region and resident in Madrid, opened to those dreamers of many regions, the solidarity of a space-theater where and during 10 days -from the 12th to 22nd of January of 2006- they could practice again their clear intuition of the unknown corners of form and color as old adventurers in the strategies of dreams, the ages of invention and the abysses of obsolescence.

Furthermore the parabolic set of those artists originating from the mysterious pathways of China and called, by way of the necessary denominations from the world of singularity, 'Group 21st Plus' meets these days in the fantastic city of Madrid to cross again the infinite grammar of vision, the ways of proverbial friendship, the underlying message of the wines of Rioja, the soundings of finite love as well the passions of the digital subject.

Together thinking that ‘Another World is Possible’, we dedicate the passion and complex solitude of our creations to those who support with enthusiasm the struggle for a better world without Famine and without Poverty, No Wars and with Justice!

Alberto Cerritos.
Vancouver, Canada and Madrid, Spain.
January 2006.

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